Acadience Math K-6: General Scoring Guidelines

General Scoring Guidelines


Each measure includes specific reminder prompts. In addition to those reminders, there are two general reminders that apply to all individually administered measures that include written material (Beginning Quantity Discrimination, Number Identification Fluency, Advanced Quantity Discrimination, and Missing Number Fluency):

  • If the student stops and it is not a hesitation on a specific item, say Keep going. This reminder may be used as often as needed.
  • If the student appears confused about where to go next, point. This reminder may be used as often as needed.

Response Patterns

It is often valuable to note the student response patterns at the end of the administration for the Early Numeracy measures or after scoring the Computation or Concepts and Applications measures. Making a note of any noticeable or recurring student response patterns provides information about how the student performed on specific items and what types of errors were made. This information may be useful for planning instruction. These notes are especially useful if the person testing the student is different from the person who will be teaching the student. This information can also be valuable when forming groups after using the Initial Grouping Worksheets.