Account Setup Options

ALO Account Set up Options

There are three ways to set up, and maintain data in, an Acadience Learning Online (ALO) account.   

1)    Clever Integration

If your district/agency uses Clever, you can set up your ALO account through a Clever integration. Email us at for more information. District responsibilities: Understanding how to successfully set Clever sharing rules to share staff in a way that matches your ALO needs (including sharing special staff like administrators and instructional coaches). 

2)    SFTP Import 

An efficient way to set up your ALO account is through an import. To import data into your account, you will need to import all of your information at one time using 7 separate files (a file for Schools, Classes, Students, Staff, Staff Enrollments, Student Enrollments, and a processing file). District responsibilities: Creating import files, having (and understanding how to use) an SFTP program to transmit the files, and using error logs within ALO to troubleshoot and fix errors.

Import files are submitted through an SFTP server. It’s important to keep in mind that each import will override existing data for the current school year. That includes deleting data that is left out of the import. 

For information on setting up your account through an import, see our Import Setup Guide.

3)    Manual Rostering

Manual set-up requires hand-entering all account information (Schools, Classes, Students, and Staff) as well as manually placing students in classes and setting up staff permissions. You can read our Manual Setup Guide for more information.

Returning sites that choose a manual set up will be able to automatically move students into the next grade level each year and re-use classes and staff permissions from the previous year.


The following guides are available: