ADM to ALO Data Migration

Sites that are transitioning from Acadience Data Management (ADM) to Acadience Learning Online (ALO) will have their data migrated as part of the ALO account setup process. 

Data to be Migrated

Data will be migrated for Acadience assessments currently in use. For example, if Acadience Reading K–6 licenses are purchased, historical Acadience Reading K–6 data from 2015 forward will be migrated. 

Data migrations will include student rosters and Acadience scores. Only valid scores will be included in the migration. Scores that are out or range or incomplete will be excluded. For example, score pairs such as ORF WC and ORF Errors will be omitted if one of the scores in the pair is missing. 

Staff accounts are not included in the data migration and will need to be added to ALO as part of the account setup process.

Rostering Considerations

Student records will be migrated into ALO as they appeared in ADM. Before rostering for the new school year sites will need to ensure that student IDs are the same, and in the same placement as they were for ADM so that student records will be properly matched. These considerations are the same as they have been in previous years when rostering and matching records across years. 

If your district chose to set up your ALO account through Clever or an SFTP Import, and you are new to ALO, your historic records will not be visible in ALO until after your new 2023-2024 student rosters have been added. If you need to see which student IDs were used last year, you can reference that information in your ADM account. Student IDs in ADM were mapped to IDs in ALO in the following way:

ADM Student ID = ALO Student Number

ADM Secondary ID = ALO State ID

If your district chose Manual Setup for ALO, and you are new to ALO, your student rosters were migrated and rolled over to the 2023-2024 school year. You can follow instructions for getting your account set up for the new school year in the “Manual Setup - Returning Users” section of the ALO Manual Setup Guide.

Viewing Historical Data in ALO

 After student rosters are set up for the new school year, historical data can be viewed at the individual student level in the Student Detail View. School or District level users can view aggregate historical data reports from the Student List View. Additional information can be found in the “Viewing Historical Data” Help Center Article.