ALO Setup - Importing Files via SFTP

Importing Data into ALO

Imports will need to be processed through an SFTP server. A user account for the SFTP server must be set up for the person who will be facilitating the import. If the person facilitating the import does not yet have an SFTP user account, contact for assistance.


General Information

When setting up your ALO account through an import, your school, class, staff and student information will need to be submitted at the same time. Each import will need to include the following 7 files:

  • Manifest
  • Schools
  • Classes
  • Students
  • Staff
  • Student Enrollments
  • Staff Enrollments


Imports into the ALO system will overwrite previous information for the current school year. If you perform subsequent imports after your initial account set-up, you will need to make sure that your import is complete (contains new and old information for the current year). 


**Important Notes**

If you are a returning site, make sure your account has been activated and rolled over to the new year before starting the import process.

Import Steps

  1. Set up your import files according to the Import File Instructions.
  2. Put the 7 required files in a folder and compress the folder (create a zip archive folder).
  3. Connect to the ALO SFTP server:
    • through a SFTP client such as WinSCP
    • using the command line interface in MacOS
  4. Submit your files.
  5. Check your email for error messages. Any errors that come up will need to be resolved before your import will be submitted.
  6. Your import is complete when you receive a confirmation email indicating that your import was successful.

Full import instructions can be found here