Different Ways to View Progress Monitoring Data

Progress monitoring data is displayed in several views in ALO including the Dashboard, PM Status view, Student Overview graphs, and Student Assessments tab.

Dashboard Progress Monitoring Status

The Dashboard provides a Progress Monitoring Status section which shows an aggregate overview of how students who are enrolled in progress monitoring are progressing toward goals. Note that if students are enrolled in progress monitoring for multiple measures, this report uses information for the lowest level measure being monitored. This represents the first target skill for instruction/intervention for this student.

Hovering over individual sections of the status bar will display additional information about the number and percent of students in each category. 

The table below provides details about the progress monitoring status categories. 

Student List Progress Monitoring Status View

Users can navigate to a Student List and find the PM Status view as an option in the Hamburger Menu on the right side of the page. 


The PM Status view will show the status of a student's last three data points in relationship to the aimline and goal with consideration for the frequency of scheduled monitoring. This information is displayed using the PM Status Icons.

Student Overview Graphs

Selecting an individual student will pull up the Student Overview page which will display student graphs with benchmark and progress monitoring scores displayed for each measure. 

Each graph is interactive and will display additional details when you hover over individual scores.

Student Assessment Tab

Switching to the Student Assessment tab will display student benchmark and progress monitoring scores in a table format.