Getting Started in ALO for New Users

Getting Started in ALO

Follow the steps below to get started using your new Acadience Learning Online account.

Initial Account Set up

You will need to add Schools, Classes, Students and Staff to your account. There are three options for how to set up your account initially. See our ALO Account Setup Options for more information. As part of the set up process, staff members will be added to your account. When staff members are added, they will automatically receive an email inviting them to log into the system.

Preparing Assessors for Testing

While your account is being set up, you may want to prepare your assessors for testing. Information on transitioning to ALO is available on our website along with instructions for installing a practice version of ALO that assessors can use to familiarize themselves with testing in the ALO platform.

Set up Supported Devices for Testing

After School, Class, Student and Staff information has been added to your ALO account you will be ready to assess students. To test students you will need to have the ALO Progressive Web App (PWA) installed on supported touch screen devices. See our PWA Installation Instructions for more information.