Invalidating an Assessment

ALO Invalidating an Assessment

To invalidate an assessment, drill down to a specific student in the dashboard (select your district, the student’s school and then class and then click on the student’s name).

  • Click on the “Assessments” tab.
  • Click on the measure you would like to invalidate.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the measure section (right above where the item level data is displayed).

You will have to type something in the “Reason for Invalidation” box for the “Confirm Invalidation” button to turn purple and be clickable. Choose the option to invalidate. 

Note that after you invalidate an assessment, you will need to use an alternate form to test. Information about which form you will need to use will be provided in the “Assess” sidebar. The alternate forms come from the progress monitoring materials.