Overview of ALO Data Views

ALO Data Views - Overview

The Acadience authors designed the ALO system with interactive data displays to allow for flexibility in viewing data when making instructional decisions. Since ALO data views can be accessed on a portable device or a computer, the idea is that the system can be accessed directly for data meetings or discussions about student data with the ability to scope out or in to look at data on different levels. 


The three main areas where you can view data and print reports in ALO are described below. Use the embedded links to pull up additional information about each view.  

  1. Dashboard: The Dashboard provides an overview of data based on the user's level of access. A user with school or district access will see data at the school or district level with the ability to filter the data display to different levels. The graphics are interactive and will show additional information when you hover over each section of the data display.
  2. Student List View: The Student List View displays student-level information at the district, school or class level. This view will display data across the year or for a specific time of year, and includes many options for customizing the information that is displayed.
  3. Student Detail View: The Student Detail View displays additional information for a specific student. In this view you can access the Overview tab with student graphs, or the Assessments tab with a chart showing all of the student's assessment scores. 

All of the data views in ALO are formatted to allow for easy printing using options found in your browser. 

Browser Printing Instructions:

  • Locate and view the page you want to print
  • Go to the “File” menu for your browser
  • Select “Print”
  • You can choose to print directly to a printer or save as a PDF file.