Why use Acadience Math K-6?

Why use Acadience Math K-6?

Acadience Math K-6 provides reliable and valid universal screening to find students who may be at risk for math difficulties. These measures also help identify the skills to target for instructional support. Acadience Math also provides progress monitoring measures for at-risk students while they receive additional, targeted instruction to close achievement gaps. Finally, these measures assist educators in examining the effectiveness of school-wide math supports.

The advantages of Acadience Math K-6 are that it:

  • Directly measures math skills that are responsive to instruction
  • Is standardized
  • Is thoroughly researched, reliable, and valid
  • Is designed for use within a problem-solving, Outcomes-Driven Model of decision-making
  • Provides research-based benchmark goals for interpreting results
  • Is efficient and economical.

For more information please see the Assessment Manual located on the

Acadience® Math download page.