Welcome to ALO

This article will help with activities associated with launching into a new year in ALO including Office Hours, Rostering, Assessing, and Navigating ALO.

Welcome to the Acadience Learning Online platform.  If this is your first year on the platform, Acadience Learning has substantial resources to support you. This article will provide the information needed to roster students and staff, enter benchmark data, and navigate the reporting provided in ALO. 

Live Support: Office Hours and ALO Platform Overviews

Join us for Office Hours

Acadience Learning is hosting live Office Hours every Wednesday at 1:00 pm Central. This webinar provides an opportunity for users of Acadience assessments to ask questions on test administration, data reporting and more. You can register here

Join us for ALO Platform Overviews

Acadience Learning is providing ALO Platform Overviews on the 4th Thursday of every month.  The sessions will orient new users to data views, reporting/printing options, and important features of the platform (initial grouping, parent letters, progress monitoring, setting student goals, and much more).  You can register here: Thursday (3-4pm Central). If you are unable to attend a live overview, please consider viewing this recorded presentation.


What You Need to Know about Rostering

Setting Up Rosters

The first task for districts using ALO will be to roster staff and students into the system. ALO accounts can be set up in one of three ways: SFTP imports, Clever integration, or manual entry.  Select the method for which your district has the most experience.

If you are already in the process of rostering, and need some guidance troubleshooting your selected method of rostering, please see the following articles:


Assessing and Viewing Data in ALO

Benchmark Assessment Data

ALO is a flexible platform, and supports educators that assess digitally with a touchscreen device as well as educators that assess using paper/pencil and manually enter data. 

If you are collecting data on a touchscreen device, we recommend reviewing the articles to install the Progressive Web Application which is needed to assess, and administering assessments in ALO which will walk you through the steps of assessing.

Educators that have assessed students using paper/pencil materials, and now need to enter data into the ALO platform should reference our article on manually entering benchmark score data.

Do you have enough licenses for all of your students?  If you run out of licenses, you may see messages about not having any available licenses (the License Management article contains additional detail).  Please see this article for contact information to purchase additional licenses if needed. 

Navigating the ALO Platform

Once you have assessed your students, ALO provides robust reporting at the district, school, class or individual student level. Acadience has multiple ways to learn more about navigating the platform. We recommend watching this recorded overview to learn more about data views and navigation in ALO.

The Acadience Help Center has an entire section dedicated to ALO Navigation and Features. We recommend starting with ALO Navigation Overview.  Once you understand how to navigate the system and use common features, you may want to view the section on ALO Data Views.

Professional Development

Do you need support that is more in-depth or provided specifically for your district? Acadience Learning provides a variety of Professional Development opportunities. Reference this section of our Help Center for more information.